CodeEcho hires professionals that are specialists in their field. This means that all of our designers have credentials in design/graphics. We apply the concept of "division of labour," implying that our staff are circumscribed to work within their area of expertise, meaning that several credible specialists will work on your design.
Our creative designers will create an authentic design that will be both unique and engaging for the users. The design will prioritise visual appearance, usability and accessibility to enable your website to appear professional, clean and clear.
Unique designs allow your website to stand out and be optimised for your target audience. The users will recognise, and appreciate that your design is unique. This in return will allow your website to be taken more seriously, increasing the chances of your project being succesful.
A good framework is necessary for your project to be a success. We will identify a strategy that will ensure your project is working at its optimum efficiency and full potential.
Our professional web designers will work relentlessly to ensure that they deliver a design that meets your specification. We will rely on your feedback and constructive criticism to realise your vision.
Development is the stage where everything fuses together. CodeEcho's specialists programmers will create a secure, fully functional website. At the end of this stage, all of the three elements that we worked on will work in conjuction with each other and allow your project to be a success.